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Whether you’re bricks & mortar, online, or a combination of both...what make people stop their busy days and want to pull open your doors and walk inside? Hopefully, walking out later, happily having parted with some of their hard earned cash. Are you inviting? Interesting? Trendy, hip, and cool? Retro? Quaint? Efficient, like the Swedes? Generally categorized as all-around awesomeness?

As the owner of this fine establishment, you’ve obviously put a lot of time, effort, and resources into how you want your place to look and work, but have you considered what your customers are looking for? Are you giving it to them?

As a business owner, you’re passionate about what you do and, I’d wager, pretty darn good at it. Odds are, better than good. It’s what drags you out of bed in that pale early morning light and keeps you at it long after the sun gives way to a dark and starry sky. Why you willingly put in punishingly long hours that leave little time for the rest of that thing you call Life. Because, at the end of the day, you love what you’ve created and believe others will, too. After all, 80% of new businesses survive that difficult first year. Why wouldn’t you be successful?