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Online Marketing

building blocks of effective online digital marketing


With the rise of all things digital, effective marketing has become non-linear. Has, in fact, become an omni-channel effort. What do we mean by omni-channel? Basically, many channels of communication and interaction, all funneling eager customers right into your doors.

  1. People increasingly use the internet to make their buying decisions, both online and in the world of brick and mortar.

  2. Online communities and user-generated content (in the form of comments, feedback, and forums), offer an unparalleled opportunity to engage your customers in substantially meaningful ways. Referrals from friends and online ratings from previous customers have far greater impact than any other kind of advertising. People simply trust other people's opinions more than an ad they see on TV or a circular they get in the mail.

  3. FaceBook, Twitter, YouTube, Pinterest, Instagram, forums...these are examples of where you need to be seen, to engage in valuable back-and-forth conversations with your customers. These are the interactions that allow your customers to fee increasingly comfortable with and loyal to your brand.

  4. Pull-Push Marketing: Pull happens when customers actually seek your site out, on their own, because your site has the information they're looking for, your brand has high visibility, and your online reputation is great. Pull marketing is far more interactively compelling than Push marketing, but they both work together. Push marketing consists of things like unsolicited emails, ads, promotional notices, even newsletters. Done right, push marketing serves to support your Pull efforts.

  5. Content is still king. Great SEO content is what leads to an almost gravitational Pull that brings in customers, keeps them loyal and referring friends to your site, and it also boosts your Search Engine rank. The trick is to be in the place that customers go to find out about what you make or do. The more Pull you have, the more likely you're seen as a trusted expert in your field and, of course, that's who they want to spend their money with.

  6. International markets are booming. In 2016, the Neilsen Global Connected Commerce survey found that, out of 26 countries participating in the study, 50% of consumers polled reported that they bought items online, from an overseas retailer.

  7. Latin America, but most especially Mexico, is one of the fastest growing internet markets and most people access the web through their phones. This is why all the big names in telecomm have been pouring massive amounts of money into infrastructure and marketing in these regions; they don't want to miss out on the boom. 

  8. Mexican eCommerce revenues are expected to skyrocket to 5.5 billion USD by the end of next year. Billion. Think about that for a minute. In 2015, 75% of Mexican internet users made online purchases and fully half of all internet users made international purchases--largely from the US.

  9. If you're not marketing to a Spanish speaking customer base, you're missing out in a huge way. Especially when you consider that domestically, in the US, there are 41 million Spanish speakers and another 11.6 million who are bilingual.

  10. There's a reason why big companies, like Wal-Mart, Amazon, PayPal, and even EBay (in the form of Mercado Libre) have all moved into the Mexican market, to great success and these retailers expect things to get even better, as internet penetration continues to increase at a prodigious rate.