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Moodle Online Learning Platform

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Robust, Open Source, and built with both students and teachers in mind, Moodle is the best eLearning platform for your school. It is multi-lingual, well-supported, used worldwide, easily scalable, and did we mention...has no expensive licensing fees?

Some of Moodle's many features include:

  • FLEXIBLE MODULARITY: Start simply and add features as you go. Everything you need, from gradebooks, student tracking, and progress reports--to tests, classroom participation, and wikis.

  • BLENDED OR 100% ONLINE OPTIONS: Because Moodle gives teachers the freedom to choose which features to use, it's perfect for purely online classes, as well as blended courses.

  • EASY TO USE: Drag-and-drop modules, user-friendly interface, beautiful templates, extensive documentation, and an enormous online community that spans the globe, all willing to lend a hand if you've got questions. Training is also available, if desired.

  • FREE PLUGINS & ADD-ONS: With a huge, online community committed to the ideals of Open Source software, there are plenty of free options you can use to extend Moodle to perfectly suit your needs.

  • SCALABILITY: Moodle can be used for a single homeschooled student or the largest university, and everything in between. It's been used throughout the educational community, as well as businesses, nonprofit organizations, communities, and also governments.

  • SECURITY: Moodle developers are constantly updating security policies to safeguard user privacy prevent data theft and unauthorized access.

  • CROSS-PLATFORM & MOBILE DEVICE COMPATIBILITY: Since Moodle is web-based, users can reach it from anywhere: a computer, tablet, or even their phone. This makes it especially useful in areas where people predominately access the internet from their mobile devices.

To experience a Moodle demo, click here.