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SEO, or Search Engine Optimization, is a complicated mix of many elements that all go toward one goal: making your site attractive to search engines, so you'll rank higher than your competitors when customers search for the product or service you offer. SERPs are literally your Search Engine Result well you do when your keywords pop up, not something you need to schedule a visit to your primary care doc for. Although, if your site goes viral, it has a massive effect on your SERPs, but that's still a matter for celebration, not a trip to the hospital--unless you keel over from shock. Don't do that, ok?

There are effective SEO techniques and complete wastes of time and money; White Hat tactics and Black Hat ones. We're here to make sure you use the best ones and get the most value out of the money you put into SEO. We're also your safety net, ensuring you don't accidentally fall for some "too good to be true" SEO trick that will actually get you penalized by the search engines. You'd be surprised how many are floating around, out there in cyberspace.

  • ORGANIC VS. PAID RESULTS: You can spend a lot of money, artificially inflating your search results with paid advertising, but in the end, it doesn't stick and as soon as you stop paying, you're back down to where you were when you started. Organic SEO lasts long after you've invested in it. Because it's real. Because you're making the site be what your customers want it to be. Because you're giving the search engines exactly what they need. So, by all means, jump on the quick and dirty paid ads bandwagon, if all you're looking for is a temporary bump in page rank. I promise you, however, eventually, the money will run out. If you're looking for actual'll take longer, you'll still have to budget for it, but when everything is running smoothly, you end up with a site that stays at the top and you'll probably have shelled out a lot less money, to boot.

  • ALGORITHMS: The magic that goes on behind the scenes of search engines, causing one website to climb and another to fall. We don't get to see exactly how they work...that'd be cheating, now wouldn't it? But we do know quite a lot about what they like and what they don't. Some search engines, like Google, for instance, also employ people to review sites, alongside the algorithms. The most important thing to know, is that if you use the wrong techniques, something a search engine considers Black'll be consigned to the dungeons of the internet and no one will be able to find you. We don't want that.

  • SEARCH TERMS: They used to be just about the only thing algorithms took into account. They're still really important, but other things factor in, these days. That being said, do you know which terms your customers use when looking for you? What your competitors use? Who, exactly, are your target demographics and are there any untapped markets you've yet to step into? Search terms are valuable on so many levels and if you don't already know the answers to these questions, we can help you find them.

  • SOCIAL MEDIA TIE-INS: They create the dialogue between you and your customers. Social Media is an important part of your online presence and serves to drive traffic to your website--something search engines love. 

  • UX/UI ISSUES: If there's one thing people hate, it's when you make it hard for them to find the information they're looking for. Search engines know this, so if your User Experience factor is bad, or if your User Interface doesn't work well, they'll ding you for it. Every time.

  • FRONT & BACK END CODING: There are also quite a few ways to run afoul of the search engines, when it comes to front and back end coding. Poorly written scripts, content that's hard for engines to get to, CSS gone wrong, tables used in place of well-written CSS, the speed of your website, incorrect canonical practices...the list goes on. Bit, by bit, as we fix these issues, your site will be rewarded with higher page ranks.

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