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User Experience Audits

Website Analysis on multiple computers by many people


There's nothing worse than showing up to an important meeting with millions of potential new customers and having spinach firmly wedged between your two front teeth. We'll hold a mirror up, straighten your tie and make sure you haven't forgotten to zip your fly.

We also make sure that your website's architecture encourages people to stay longer; that your content gives readers what they need; and that you never, never go out in the world with virtual egg on your face. How do we do it?

  • USER EXPERIENCE CRAWLS: We move through your site, like a typical customer would, and look for things that make it hard for them to get what they came for. Think of them as bumps in the road...too many and your potential clients will take the nearest off-ramp and find another site to fulfill their needs.


  • PROOFREADING: Take advantage of our totally Type-A proofreaders; we comb every sentence for grammatical gaffes and typographic errors that are easy to miss... until they're out there in front, for everyone to see. 


  • VOICE: Does your voice match your target audience? What are they expecting to hear? How do you make them comfortable enough to want to do business with you? To refer their friends? If you aren't doing this effectively, or don't know the answer to these questions, we can help you. It's what we do :-)


  • SEO: Search Engine Optimization makes your site easier to find. First, we determine which keywords are most important to your target audience. Next, we take a baseline of where you are in the rankings, using those keywords, then we implement White Hat strategies to make your site more attractive to Search Engines, and in the process, better for your clients. It's a win-win situation, all the way around. Periodically, we recheck your progress, as you move higher in rankings, and adjust our strategies, as needed.


  • SITE BUILD-OUT:  Often, what your potential customers are looking for is the same thing as what Search Engines look for: content. If your site is thin on content, you won't be drawing people to the site by establishing yourself as an expert in your field and Search Engine algorithms will penalize you for ithist. Additionally, the more times someone visits your site and finds the information they were looking for, the more likely it is they will choose to spend their money with you.


  • COMPETITION: We look at what your competition is doing, in comparison to what you're doing. We can see what their digital marketing strategies are, the advertising campaigns they've launched, and most well those particular strategies have played out for them. Then, we use that information to give you the edge.


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